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Karen after losing over 100 pounds - NATURALLY!

Trusting the Process, 

and dealing with the 


Losing the weight and gaining so much more.


Journey of Wellness


Being so much more and living a quality life are the factors I considered for CHANGE.  This journey is not just abut weight loss.  This journey is about my whole being - Mind, Body and Spirit.  Everything together.  Balance. Harmony. Together.  

I get asked questions about losing the weight. 

Below are just a few of those questions.  

What did you do?

Of course education, eating nutrient dense foods and exercise are key elements. Let's not dismiss the whole self.  The mental, emotional and the spirit. I made this journey about ME in every way.  It had to be.  No one else was going to do this for ME.  I AM IT FOR ME!  I opted to this NATURALLY.  Being patient, kind, making it fun, education regarding foods that are of value to me.  Because I am valuable.  What does MY body need to sustain and heal itself?  The process also afforded me quality time with ME, more awareness of ME.  Knowing so much more of ME that I would not have known if I had not started.  What has been afforded ME can never be taken away.  

How long did it take?

The journey continues.  As is said, one day at a time.  I know each day is valuable and I am part of that value.  I can say, yes I may want to lose weight in a short amount of time.  But then I have to ask what part of ME would I miss focusing on just losing the weight or focusing on the ponds.  I had to really change my perception of health and wellness, how I viewed my body and my thoughts about what I looked like.  It is work. But again, the reward is PRICELESS!  I would not be this Being, this Woman, this Beauty I am now if I had not trusted the process.  I am GRATEFUL now for so much more.

I want more!

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