" The Beauty Within "

A flower so delicate it opens to reveal life. 

Life to display beauty, essence, character.  

Nourished by the spirit of the earth.  

Nourishment so plentiful and taking only what it needs to survive to become this essence of beauty.  

To unlock the aroma of such process with no thought.  

Just is.  

The rays of the sun provide warmth, essential elements to become strong but yet so delicate.   

Symbolic of love.  

Love for sight, smell, touch and thought.  

An example of creation.  


Imagine a field of love unlimited. 

Smell the power of creation.  

See the beauty within.  

Display your beauty.  

The field is waiting. 

                                                                         - Karen L Ross 

About Us

Thank you for your presence and wanting to know more about who we are.  

We are  multifaceted providing exceptional professional  services.  We care about everyone we serve and everyone deserves excellence.  We give what we expect.  

Everyone is unique, so every experience should be unique and exceptional.

If you have questions let us know.

We Offer

Consult, Design & Create

Your vision, your passion birthed!

Professional Event Planning & Coordinating

Unique Treasured Moments 

Weddings, reunions, birthday celebrations, retreats, meetings, conferences and more.

Healthy Lifestyles - "Loving ME"

SELF Care is Essential.  

Value YOU! LOVE YOU!  

That is the greatest gift to SELF.

Healthy lifestyle in every area of YOU.

Classes & Workshops

Interactive classes and workshops focus on creativity and building.  

It is discovering and birthing more.

Treasured Gifts Store

Inspiring gifts for 

self and others.

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