"Loving Me!" - a platform for Loving ALL of who we are - Spirit, Mind & Body.  

Loving everything about ourselves - our strength, our power.

You taking care of YOU and living life beautifully!

Loving Me - Healthy Lifestyle

Not Just the Weight


Weight Loss is not just about losing physical weight.  It is so much more.  Weight loss is a result of working on the total being, the total you.

Trust the Process


Working on the total self is a great reward.  It is definitely freeing.  

Karen L Ross


Ms. Ross loses over 115 pounds - NATURALLY -and finds so much more of herself.  Moving forward she now uses her expertise and experiences to consult with others.  Changing the mindset and having a greater concept of self is PRICELESS!

The Beauty Within


A flower so delicate it opens to reveal life.

Life to display beauty, essence, character.

Nourished by the spirit of the earth.

Nourishment so plentiful and taking only what it needs

    to survive to become this essence of beauty.

To unlock the aroma of such process with no thought.

Just is.  

The rays of the sun provide warmth, essential elements 

    to become strong but yet so delicate.

Symbolic of love.

Love for sight, smell, touch and thought.

An example of creation.


Imagine a field of love unlimited.

Smell the power of creation.

See the beauty within.

Display your beauty.

The field is waiting.      

                            - Karen L Ross -